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Vin de la Neu 2019

Resistant varieties vs resistant traditionalists

A passionate oenologist looking to change the wine scene by concretely tackling the issue of climate change and sustainability At almost 1000m above sea level with an extension of about 1000 square meters, it is from here that Nicola Biasi has decided to start his intimate battle towards the re-writing of the wine scene. Acclaimed… … Continua...

All about Champagne

Everything you should know about Champagne

It is not a wine, it is a legend: anyone who brings a glass to his lips, sips 300 years of history. The story and the legend have started with Pierre Pérignon, the legendary Benedictine monk who has been the cantiniere and administrator of the abbey of Hautvillers for 47 years, from 1668 to 1715… … Continua...

story and features about Verdicchio Grape

Verdicchio, one of the great white wines of Italy

White grape vine, widespread mainly in the Marche, where it is probably native. But it can also be found in other areas of central Italy such as in Lazio and Umbria. Or further north around Lake Garda, in the provinces of Verona and Brescia. Thanks to in-depth analysis, it is currently identified with the Trebbiano… … Continua...


Carr Fire or Napa Fire, history repeats itself – Map

The US federal government approved aid Saturday for California while thousands of firefighters fought to contain a series of violent fires that killed at least seven people and destroyed at least 500 buildings. At least 37 thousand people have been evacuated. Emergency also in some areas of the Napa Valley, where the famous Californian wine… … Continua...

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